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Friday, April 10, 2009


I went around surabaya to post invitation letters for 'Hari Sukan' organized by PKPMI

These are my fellow postmen

And yes, we are psyched.

Well at least one of us is

So we first went to Emma's house to pick up the invitations

Where i saw this

Awesome graffity. I should vote for this party

Then after sending a few invitations i came across a zebra

which just ate a few children

And a chicken

which sells burgers

Which part of the world am i at?

There's a zebra who eats children and a chicken that sells burgers.

Only in Surabaya :)

Moral : As we travel we see things more clearly. Or do we?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Been busy last week with assignments and stuff

Felt guilty lak tak update

So here's a picture i took at a public phone in front of my youngest sister's school last holidays.

Its an add for computer tuition classes.

I didn't know that berhenti/buang sekolah was even a category

I should call this educationism. Its like racism but just more stupid.

Hehe might as well bagi tawaran camni:

"Kami menawarkan kelas tuition untuk pelajar sekolah, berhenti/buang sekolah, pemalas, remaja tanpa harapan/masa depan, kena buang daerah, mat rempit wannabes, rabun warna, buta IT, terencat dan orang dewasa"

Moral : Kan senang kalau cakap tawaran belajar untuk remaja dan dewasa. Takyah la nak masukkan educationism. LOL!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Potty Training for Adults

Its a sticker seen on my jamban here in Surabaya

Moral : Sape nak terasa tu sila la terasa hahahha