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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I'm currently taking a short sem.
Taking up Histology practicals.

Anatomy and histology classes HERE are taught in LATIN
yes latin, the dead language.

Wonder why it is called the dead language?
It's because nobody else uses it in the world

and here i am. studying histology in latin.

This is a normal person, talking in a normal living language

Now when you are studying a dead language, this is what happens :

So actually, the zombies you see in the movies actually mumble latin.
Grrrr *mummmblee* granuloma pyogenicum *mumble* grrrr
Now thats scary



It has come to my attention that a student with pointers of 3.9 is WORSE than a student with 2.5 in my self proclaimed 'world class' University

Say, a student with all A's in every subjects gets a D in one of his practicals throughout the 2 years of his education. which gives him a 3.9 average

Then, another student gets C in all subjects (theory and practicals) throughout his or her 2 years. a 2.5 average.

Which is better?

Now the problem is, the dental faculty of which i am currently studying is currently EXPERIMENTING a radical new system.

To enter 3rd year, u need to have minimals of:
D in theory
C in practicals
for every subject undertaken in the past 2 years
Failure to do so results in a 1 year drawback

Considering i (and fellow colleagues) who have undertaken approximately 45 subjects in this past 2 years this is bullcrap.

Pointers are worthless. They don't mean shit.

Artists depiction of his current situation:

Batch 2008 : A Lab Rat in Deep Shit

Life is a wheel

Its been a while.
I thought of focusing on studies.
Which i did.
To great disappointment.

Sure. Life is a wheel.
Sometime you're up there. Happy as can be.
And sometimes you're down there. Shitting bricks.
And lonelier than ever.

At this point of my life, i'm feeling uber depressed.
I'm sorry. this blog is best updated when i'm happy. cos i spread happiness
The only reason i couldn't update for this past few months. This whole semester actually, is because i have not been happy. I've been keeping it all in, but no one here to tell it to. I'm at the edge. So i'm writing it down on my blog. I hope this helps.