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Tuesday, July 20, 2010



It has come to my attention that a student with pointers of 3.9 is WORSE than a student with 2.5 in my self proclaimed 'world class' University

Say, a student with all A's in every subjects gets a D in one of his practicals throughout the 2 years of his education. which gives him a 3.9 average

Then, another student gets C in all subjects (theory and practicals) throughout his or her 2 years. a 2.5 average.

Which is better?

Now the problem is, the dental faculty of which i am currently studying is currently EXPERIMENTING a radical new system.

To enter 3rd year, u need to have minimals of:
D in theory
C in practicals
for every subject undertaken in the past 2 years
Failure to do so results in a 1 year drawback

Considering i (and fellow colleagues) who have undertaken approximately 45 subjects in this past 2 years this is bullcrap.

Pointers are worthless. They don't mean shit.

Artists depiction of his current situation:

Batch 2008 : A Lab Rat in Deep Shit

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